Built sustainably from the ground up.

 NOVO Avian Pointe is designed to blend sustainable design with a best-in-class living experience. Developed by Taurus in partnership with EcoSmart Solution, our communities utilize an innovative infrastructure, years of energy expertise, and intentional green practices to significantly reduce carbon emissions.

Aerial drone photo showing NOVO Avian Pointe's solar panel technology, pool deck and clubhouse

Sustainable Construction

Geothermal Heating and Cooling System using high efficiency ground source heat pumps to generate power, reduce usage, and minimize utility costs

Geothermal desuperheater to preheat hot water

Community solar PV system installed on rooftops

Projected Home Energy Rating System (HERS) score in the 40s

National Green Building Standard (NGBS) certification

Modern NOVO Avian Pointe's sustainable apartment kitchen with grey cabinets and stainless steel, energy efficient appliances

Energy Star Features

GE stainless steel Energy Star qualified refrigerator, washer, and dishwasher

National Green Building Standard (NGBS) Green building certification

Low-e Energy Star rated, impact-resistant, Miami-Dade windows

High-efficiency, in-unit heat pumps with energy efficiency ratios (EER) up to 22+

Blower doors and duct sealing testing per Florida Building Code for enhanced indoor air quality

Photo of the smart thermostats inside each of NOVO Avian Pointe’s Apartment Homes

Home Innovation

Water conditioning system

Smart thermostats

Mobile-enabled smart locks

LED lighting throughout

Real-time home energy monitoring system with the Sense app

Photo Showing the Native Landscaping and Luscious Greenery Surrounding NOVO Avian Pointe

Community Connection

Dedicated nature conservation areas

Convenient access to walking trails

Pocket parks that offer quick outdoor access

Immersive community commitment to sustainability

Native Landscaping